3 Questions to ask a Pro if You Need a New Furnace

Oct 17, 2017 by Team JGW

Buying a new furnace is easier said than done. The same holds true for the installation process. With all this in mind, you’ll want to consult with a professional before doing anything. As the process moves forward, here are five questions to ask a pro before making a final dec..

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Lean on a Professional Plumber for these Projects

Oct 4, 2017 by Team JGW

Are you facing a plumbing project that has you a bit scared? Have you come to the conclusion that it’s best to consult with a professional? There is no denying the fact that some homeowners enjoy tackling a plumbing project. At the same time, there is often more to this than me..

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Bathroom Renovation Goals: What Are You Striving For?

Sep 27, 2017 by Team JGW

When it comes time to tackle a bathroom renovation project, don’t hesitate to set goals. This will keep you on track from start to finish, while helping ensure that you are happy with the end result. This leads to an important question: what are the right bathroom renovation go..

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What to do if a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

Sep 19, 2017 by Team JGW

There is nothing worse than the thought of a pipe bursting in your home. While you hope this never happens to you, it could come about when you least expect it. Here are the steps you need to take if a pipe bursts in your home: Shut off your water at the main water valve [&hellip..

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Plumber?

Sep 12, 2017 by Team JGW

Many people shy away from hiring a plumber for one reason: they believe the myth that it’s too expensive to bring a professional into the fold. While there is no denying the fact that you will pay for the services of a professional, you should never assume that this is out of t..

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Top Tips for Choosing a Plumbing Company

Sep 6, 2017 by Team JGW

Choosing a plumbing company is easier said than done. While you want to make the right decision, you know that there may be a few challenges along the way. Although everyone is unique in terms of what they’re looking for, here are some of the many details to consider when makin..

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What Factors Impact the Cost of Your Bathroom Renovation?

Aug 30, 2017 by Team JGW

Tackling a bathroom renovation is easier said than done. While this may be something you are looking forward to, you don’t want to take the first step until you have a clear idea of your budget. There are many factors that can impact the cost of your bathroom renovation, includ..

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What are the Top Causes of a Toilet Leak?

Aug 23, 2017 by Team JGW

There is nothing worse than finding that your toilet is leaking. As frustrating as this can be, it’s important to pinpoint the problem and implement a solution right away. Here are some of the top causes of a toilet leak: Leaking supply line. If the line that brings water to yo..

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Outdoor Faucet Tips to Keep in Mind

Aug 10, 2017 by Team JGW

Like most homes, it’s safe to say that your property has at least one outdoor faucet. Although you may not use it regularly, it’s good to keep it in good working condition. Here are several outdoor faucet maintenance tips to keep in mind at all times: Check all faucets once a..

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A Leaking Pipe can Cause Serious Damage to Your Home

Jul 31, 2017 by Team JGW

Water has a way of causing serious damage to a home in a short period of time. This is why it’s so important to repair a leaking pipe as quickly as possible. If you ignore this problem, it can eventually cause expensive damage to your home. This can include everything from dama..

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