Hello Ray,

October 26, 2016

Hello Ray,

I just want to say I am VERY PLEASED with the professionalism and work of Temo and Pat. I don’t know that name of the other 2 guys who came on Thursday. They took their time and paid attention to details. I was very impressed with Temo’s leadership. He didn’t like the way the other 2 guys put up the wires outside the house leading from the fan to the power the power box on my house (it was not in a straight line). He had them to make it straight “NOW that’s taking PRIDE in your work. I am so glad I select this company to do the work and I would recommend you to anyone.

My neighbours made comments like “Oh you have a good company”, they put my air condition unit in 20 years ago.

It was word of mouth a recommendation from my neighbour that made me call you. I am very excited about my central air unit. I don’t care if I get to 100 degrees outside I know I will be cool as a cucumber inside LOL!

You have my Business!! Again Thanks

Andrea Johnson

P.S. Please share this with your team I think people should know when they do a good job.

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