Hi Ralph,

October 26, 2016

Hi Ralph,

I hope you all had a great trip. On this end, I have a wonderful report about Branden and Jamal. They worked together… wonderfully on the big plumbing projects downstairs at my house and I’m hopeful that the issues which you identified as problematic are finished. Perhaps I won’t see any more water in the middle of the basement floor.

Branden’s work is particularly noteworthy because he accidentally turned off the heating system for upstairs and left without realizing that he had done so. When I called Christine late in the day, she quickly realized that I needed immediate attention and asked Branden to return. I am particularly impressed with Christine’s focus and with Branden’s quick fix and his willingness to admit that he had made a mistake. He returned to my house and was thorough and attentive in checking both heating systems and double checking to be certain that all systems were operating properly in both the downstairs and upstairs of my house. Branden’s thinking and problem solving are impressive and his humility in admitting a mistake is even better! Both characteristics are signs of a strong leader.

Many thanks for your Webster’s team work!

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