What Customers Say

Thank you so much. Dan was excellent! I will be calling you again next year for ac and will ask for him. He was careful and very good at his work!!
– M. Rodgers
Good afternoon Silas,
I believe I met you one time a few years ago when you looked at my heating system in DC. A few weeks ago my heating system started to leak every time the heat started up. Bryan came over immediately, and made some adjustments and it appeared to solve the problem. When the problem recurred, he had Branden come back to replace a valve and expansion tank. I just wanted to give each of them kudos. They were each very personable and pleasant, and really stuck with the issue until the leak had been fixed. My heating system has been working great ever since.
- J. Manning
Silas and Staff,
II waited awhile to reach out to schedule a technician to make sure I could accurately share the experience I was having with my pump. I also was hoping it would just go away over time but it did not. The pump was running no less than four times an hour. Sometimes every 8 minutes or so. Your technician also assured me that if the noise became an “unusual” problem again that I could temporary relief by turning off the system via the circuit breaker or plug on the roof. He has been a pleasure to work as lingering issues with conduits, water leakage and pump were addressed over the past few months. You are lucky to have him on staff.
My best, B. Beauregard
Good evening Jerry,
I do no usually send business emails on Sunday, but this is too important to the church. The Bishop and the Church board have unanimously approved John G. Webster as the contractor for installing a new 75 gallon water heater as described in your proposal. We made our decision based on:
  • Past experience (A. Webster installed the new HVAC in our parsonage. B. Webster renovated our ancient parsonage boiler.)
  • Clarity of warranty statement on the initial proposal.
  • Knowledge & attention to detail (“correcting the termination of this appliance also, as is it’s not correct or legal for code regulations.”)

Thanks & Blessings! -R. Lewchuk
Hi Silas,
We are very please with the new system so far. Can’t wait for cold weather. We were very impressed with the workmanship of your crew and especially Eric’s careful workmanship.
Thanks, Mr. & Mrs. Allen
Hi Chelsea,
Thank you for this. I had an excellent experience with Chris today. He was very thorough and professional, even taking the time to explain to me how the system works, what he was checking for, and things we could do on our own to keep the system working well. I look forward to recommending you all to my friends and neighbors.
Thank you again for all the great work. – M. Bergeson-Lockwood
Hello Silas,
I am writing to let you know how much I appreciated the good service provided by your company and Branden this summer. It is easy to write to one’s manager about bad service, but few people write about good service. It is what my company stands behind and it was exactly what Branden provided for my family. He was on time, did good work, and from start to finish was friendly (something many people do not feel they have to be). Please let him know that he was appreciated and to keep up the good work. Likewise, you do the same, as I was super impressed with you as well.
B. Riley

Congrats Silas, you have a good staff.
A. Malik
Dear Mr. Smith,
I am writing to thank for your generous gift of $100.00 to the Washington Architectural Foundation. Your contribution ensures that the Foundation can meet its mission of serving the DC area community. We greatly appreciate your generosity.
The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation and your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax professional.
Your gift will help us extend our programs to more people in the Washington, DC community. Thank you so much for your support.
Mary Fitch, AICP, Hon. AIA
Executive Vice President
Hi Ralph,
I hope you all had a great trip. On this end, I have a wonderful report about Branden and Jamal. They worked together... wonderfully on the big plumbing projects downstairs at my house and I'm hopeful that the issues which you identified as problematic are finished. Perhaps I won't see any more water in the middle of the basement floor.
Branden's work is particularly noteworthy because he accidentally turned off the heating system for upstairs and left without realizing that he had done so. When I called Christine late in the day, she quickly realized that I needed immediate attention and asked Branden to return. I am particularly impressed with Christine's focus and with Branden's quick fix and his willingness to admit that he had made a mistake. He returned to my house and was thorough and attentive in checking both heating systems and double checking to be certain that all systems were operating properly in both the downstairs and upstairs of my house. Branden's thinking and problem solving are impressive and his humility in admitting a mistake is even better! Both characteristics are signs of a strong leader.
Many thanks for your Webster's team work!
Nancy Gleen Hansen, Ed. D.
Dear Ray Handy,
Just a note to express belated thanks for your generous proposal for the replacement of our boiler here at the monastery. We are very grateful.
With the temperatures getting near 100 degrees these days one does not think about boilers but I will be looking forward to using our new efficient boiler come Fall. The workmen did a great job.
Again thanks much and be assured of our grateful prayers.
Brother Michael
Hello Ray,
I just want to say I am VERY PLEASED with the professionalism and work of Temo and Pat. I don't know that name of the other 2 guys who came on Thursday. They took their time and paid attention to details. I was very impressed with Temo's leadership. He didn't like the way the other 2 guys put up the wires outside the house leading from the fan to the power the power box on my house (it was not in a straight line). He had them to make it straight "NOW that's taking PRIDE in your work. I am so glad I select this company to do the work and I would recommend you to anyone.
My neighbours made comments like "Oh you have a good company", they put my air condition unit in 20 years ago.
It was word of mouth a recommendation from my neighbour that made me call you. I am very excited about my central air unit. I don’t care if I get to 100 degrees outside I know I will be cool as a cucumber inside LOL!
You have my Business!! Again Thanks
Andrea Johnson P.S. Please share this with your team I think people should know when they do a good job.
P.S. Please share this with your team I think people should know when they do a good job.
Mr. Handy,
Ian and Zack did an excellent job on the installation. They are a real asset to John G. Webster, As Webster's primary contact with the costumer, they are very good representatives. I trust I will be as pleased with the system as I was with the installers.
Bill Cammack
Dr. Lilly wanted to personally thank you for having Webster to come to his house. He appreciates how quickly he was given an appointment and was impressed with the thoroughness of the technician that came. Again he thanks you for all that you have done for him.
Katie VanWagenen
Senior Office Manager
Dear Mr. Smith:
Please accept my sincere thanks for the work of your staff in repairing my central air conditioner on one of the hottest days last week. When the condenser fan broke in 88-degree weather, your receptionist, Rachael, quickly dispatched repairman "Lucas" to my home. He could not have been more professional and considerate. Unfortunately, he did not have the correct fan available on his truck, so Rachael juggled her schedule for the next day giving us a "first call" with your equally terrific repairman, "Able", who quickly got our house cooling again. You probably do not recall that it was your personal involvement and professionalism that led me to choose Webster, over less expensive air conditioning firms, when we replaced our unit six years ago. Webster also installed our original unit and ductwork in 1989. I am very grateful for the rapid efforts of your staff last week.
Bill Greenwood
Dear Ralph,
Thank you so much for contributing to the success of Burke's 2014 Auction. With your help, we raised more than $200,000 in support of Burke's Financial Aid program! As you know, our financial aid program supports one in three students, and is a critical component of our efforts to make Burke a socio-economically diverse and welcoming community.
By supporting Burke's Auction as a Bronze Sponsor your contribution of $500,00 was instrumental in reaching our fundraising goal. Thank you so much for your generosity and support! Included with this letter, you will find a detailed receipt of your auction related purchases and payments. Please work with our tax advisor to determine the tax-deductible portion of your contribution. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Development Office at 202-362-8882.
Your support of Burke's 2014 Auction goes to the core of what makes Burke a special place for all of our students. Thank you for making this possible, and thank you for being an important member of our school community.
Best regards,
Abigail Shawn
Associate Director of Development
I would like to take a moment to say Thank YOU to Jemal Francis, Branden Stallings and yourself. The timely and professional service today is much appreciated. It is unusual to find such professional service in our industry and to have Jemal and Branden do such a great job given the work conditions is outstanding! They both deserve recognition for their diligence and work ethic. Kudos Guys! Thanks again.
Bob Burgess
Dear Ralph,
Thank you for listening to meu yesterday. I appreciated your willingness to spend the time with me. I sincerely hope our discussion provided useful information for you.
I did not adequately express my appreciation for your sending Edwin to our rescue. Not every company would send such skilled help on a Saturday for no charge to resolve a problem. As you know, he was with us for almost three hours that went past dinner time. If I had been cooking, Edwin would have been invited to dinner. Please thank him for us again for this conscientiousness.
Sincerely yours,
Lou Ann Donner
Hi, Ray -
Now that more than a week has passed since your company completed the installation of the new A/C system at our home, I want to take this opportunity to express not only how much I appreciate your company's business but also to let you know how professional and courteous your two employees were for the two days they were here.
In addition to their thorough work, Tes and Ronald also took their time in explaining various aspects of the system, for which I truly appreciated.
They are to be commended.
Thank you once again for everything your company did to make it a real cool (pun intended) experience.
Ken Glickman
Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated your technician Edwin P who provided such excellent service for me Saturday, April 9.
He was thorough, professional and very kind. I could go on with lots of positive talk about Edwin P... you most likely know what a valuable employee you have!!
Judith Vassalotti
Judith Vassalotti

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