Geothermal heating & cooling

John G. Webster is proud to offer residential and light commercial geothermal heating and cooling installation and services throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

What is geothermal power?

Geothermal power uses natural, renewable heat from the earth to heat and cool your home or business, significantly reducing both your utility bills (up to 50%) and carbon footprint.

how does geothermal power work?

A series of invisible, interconnected wells are dug 150 to 300 feet underneath your backyard or outdoor property. A water solution circulates through these wells, where it is either warmed or cooled by the constant temperature of the earth. The solution is piped underground into your home or business where it is quietly concentrated and extracted by equipment, heating or cooling your home or business, reducing your utility bills by up to half and significantly decreasing ozone-depleting carbon emissions.

What are the benefits and advantages of geothermal power ?

There are many benefits to geothermal power:

  • Lower utility bills (up to 50%)
  • Federal tax credit (up to 30% with no cap)
  • Green power source, completely renewable
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting  equipment 
  • Improved air quality
  • Highly efficient
  • No outdoor units

Top quality equipment

John G. Webster installs only top-of-the-line, brand-name geothermal equipment from WaterFurnace and Carrier.

Federal tax credits

Generous federal tax credits are available for eco-friendly home renovation projects, such as solar power materials and installation. Call for details.

An investment that pays for itself—and then pays back

Because geothermal power lessens your energy usage up to 50%, you’ll immediately see your energy bills split in half. After a few years, your geothermal system will pay for itself and your savings will start piling up!

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