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Basic Tips for Replacing a Toilet

Maybe you’re tackling a bathroom renovation. Or maybe your old toilet simply needs to go. Either way, replacing a toilet is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. But of course, if you make a mistake, it could lead to some trouble down the road.

Here are some basic tips/steps to follow if you find yourself replacing a toilet:

  • Gather all the tools you need for the job, such as a wrench and putty knife
  • Remove the old tank
  • Rock the bowl from side to side, as this will loosen the wax seal (and make removal easier)
  • Clean the area where the old wax seal was located
  • Place the new wax seal around the opening in the floor
  • Place the new toilet onto the wax ring
  • Secure the bowl and install the new tank
  • Connect the water supply line

As you can see, it doesn’t take much knowledge to replace a toilet. However, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you may want to hire a professional. There are some things that could go wrong – such as placing the toilet in the wrong spot – that could lead to a leak (among other issues) in the future.

Top Benefits of Replacing Your Toilet

When it comes to your bathroom, you may realize one thing to be true: it’s time for an upgrade.

Of course, the word upgrade means something different to every homeowner.

In some cases, you may find that you need nothing more than a new toilet. If you aren’t sure that this is the right decision, here are a few of the top benefits of replacing your toilet:

·      Your current toilet is no longer functioning as it should, such as by running when it shouldn’t be.

·      Reduces water usage if you choose a “high efficiency” toilet.

·      Reduces both septic and sewer waste flow.

·      Increased comfort (who doesn’t want this?)

·      Improves the overall appearance of your space.

As you can see, there are many benefits of replacing your old (or broken) toilet with a new unit.

Along with the benefits above, this isn’t a costly project. Once you purchase the toilet, you can contact us for assistance with installation. From there, it won’t be long before you’re enjoying the appearance and functionality of your new toilet.

When was the last time you took a long hard look at your toilet? If it’s been a while, don’t hesitate to do so in the near future. You may realize that it’s time for a change.