Do Your Pipes Smell Like Sewage?

Any smell that enters your home, regardless of the origin, is enough to drive you crazy. Like most, you’ll search far and wide until you find out what’s going on.

If your pipes smell like sewage, something is wrong. There are a few reasons why this could be happening, so you need to check on everything.

To start, take a closer look at your drain (if this is in your kitchen, for example). If you find food and other debris clogging it up, there’s a good chance this is the cause of your smell.

As bacteria sits in the drain, it is eventually forced upwards into your home. This typically happens when you turn the water on, thus giving you the impression that the water is actually the problem.

Here’s what you should do: fill up a glass of water and take it in another room. At that point, take a strong smell. If it smells like sewage, you have a problem with your water. However, if it doesn’t smell like anything, the problem is your pipes and/or drain (which is more common).

Since it’s not always simple to diagnose a smell coming from your pipes or water, you may need professional assistance. In that case, contact us at your earliest convenience. We can visit your home, pinpoint the issue, and best yet, get rid of the smell once and for all.