How to Shut Down Your AC for the Season

With the fall season approaching quickly, it won’t be long before your AC gives way to your furnace.

While it’s easy to believe you can simply turn your AC off before the cold weather hits, there’s more to it than that. If you don’t take the right steps this fall, you could run into difficulties with your system next spring/summer.

Here are some basic tips to follow:

  • Cover the outdoor unit. By doing this, you protect it from the elements, such as snow, sleet, and animals looking for shelter as the weather turns.
  • Turn off the outdoor breaker switch. This simple step goes a long way in ensuring that your AC is not accidentally turned on during the cooler months. Just remember to turn it back on when the warm weather arrives in the spring.
  • Contact a professional. You can do many things to shut down your AC for the season, but unless you’re a pro it’s possible you’ll forget something of importance. With professional help, you never have to concern yourself with this.

Don’t wait too long to contact us to discuss the best way to shut down your AC before cooler weather arrives. We can visit your home, do all the hard work for you, and answer any questions you have.