Is Your AC Blowing Cold Air?

When you turn your AC on, you hope to find that it’s blowing nothing but cold air.

Unfortunately, there may come a point when this doesn’t happen. If so, you need to find out what’s going on. Here are some of the many reasons why your AC may not be blowing cold air:

  • Low refrigerant level. A refrigerant leak, for example, can lead to a low refrigerant level.
  • Frozen coils. This is typically caused by dirty filters that don’t allow the air to flow properly. Fortunately, a professional can clean the evaporator coil to fix this problem.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat. It doesn’t matter what type of thermostat you have, it’s important that it works as intended. If it doesn’t, your AC may not blow cold air.
  • Outside unit isn’t working. There are many reasons why this may happen, such as if the condenser is bogged down with debris and dirt.

As you can see, there are many reasons why your AC may not be blowing cold air. If this happens to you, don’t wait around and continue to sweat. Instead, contact a professional who can pinpoint and repair the issue once and for all.