Is Your Water Cloudy?

When you turn on your water to brush your teeth or take a bath, do you realize that it’s not as clear as it should be? Does this concern you?

Every once in a while, you may realize that your water is a bit cloudy. While this can be concerning, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to call your water company.

In most cases, this is the result of miniscule air bubbles in the water. As concerning as it may be at first, if this is the cause you don’t have anything to worry about. It’s harmless.

Note: this typically comes into play when it’s extremely cold outside.

Additionally, water pressure can lead to cloudy water. Once the water escapes the tap, it is no longer under the same amount of pressure. This can result in a cloudy appearance, but it won’t stay this way for long. All you have to do is let your water run for 30 seconds or so, and you’ll soon realize it’s clearing up.

If you have any reason to believe your cloudy water is the result of something more serious, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to visit your home, check everything out, and let you know what we see.